Virtual Number Service Provider| Multiple unlimited Channels Available

Wholesale & Retails Virtual Number Provider with unlimited channels .

Uk Virtual Number |unlimited Channels |Lodon|Birmingham $9 a month

Uk Virtual Number |unlimited Channels |Lodon|Birmingham $9 a month

United Kingdom Virtual Number  with  Unlimited Channels  /Unlimited Minutes

No  Per Minute Charges

United Kingdom Virtual PRI  is ideal for  Call Centers,  Calling Card Providers etc. using VoIP,SIP,Asterisk , SoftSwitches etc.

Country  : United Kingdom   ( National Code    44-33 )

Setup Fee     $15

Monthly Fee     $25

Channels Included     10

Minutes Included   Unlimited

Country  : United Kingdom   (Any City    Area code )

Setup Fee     $30

Monthly Fee     $60

Channels Included     30

Minutes Included   Unlimited

To  Avail  this special offer  contact us  .  

UK Multi Channel Virtual Number can be forwarded by our infrastructure to Voice over IP (VoIP) using SIP, H.323 anywhere in the world.

Also Available  United Kingdom Virtual Number with 2 Channels  ( Local Address Proof Required )  for  $ 2.49  click here ->  UK Virtual Number

Typical applications for UK  Multi Channel / Unlimited Channel Virtual Number are :

  • Call Centers
  • Helpdesks
  • Calling Card Operators
  • Conference Applications
  • Business With High Incoming Calls 
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